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Buffalo. Waiting to Surprise You.

“Who knew?” We hear that all the time from visitors to Buffalo.

“I had no idea all this was here," they’ll say. "I just didn’t expect it.” Now, we know what you’re thinking: ‘That doesn’t sound like the Buffalo I’ve heard about on ESPN and the Weather Channel. Are they really talking about Buffalo, New York?’

That’s right -- Buffalo. Home of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres . Birthplace of Buffalo wings. But there’s much more to Buffalo than football, hockey and America’s favorite bar food - and that has recent visitors to “The City of Good Neighbors” talking.

You don’t have to take our word for it, however. Listen to what the travel media has had to say. The Washington Post called Buffalo “a hip center of arts and performances.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution told its readers “the architecture treasures of Buffalo must be seen.” The Chicago Sun-Times discovered that Elmwood Avenue “bustles with night spots, cafes and shops.” Spirit Magazine said Buffalo belongs on the “short list of America’s greatest food cities.” USA Today described the “joy” of “discovering world-class attractions in a city not known as an international tourist mecca.”

Request an Information PacketHeady stuff for a city that’s gotten more than its share of knocks over the years. So what’s driving the media buzz about Buffalo

Buffalo is authentic. When you get off the interstate and set foot in Buffalo there’s a distinct sense of place that’s reflected in the turn-of-the-century homes, in the family-owned restaurants, in the street festivals that make every weekend from May through October a time of celebration. For visitors in search of the undiscovered, overlooked and real, Buffalo comes as an unexpected surprise.