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Open Gardens in Western New York

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Our Open Gardens project is modeled on the successful, long-standing tradition of Open Gardens in England. 
Private gardens are graciously made available to the public on a particular day at a particular time. 
Visitors are allowed to simply drop by.  Our Open Gardens are listed below by neighborhoods. 
Please note the specific day and time that the garden is open.


The Village of Lancaster, located approximately 10 miles east of Buffalo, is home to more than 12,000 people.

The village is also a ten-minute drive from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and from the New York State Thruway. Western New York’s Amtrak station is located in the neighboring village of Depew. It is also only few minutes drive from Buffalo/Niagara’s largest shopping mall, the Walden Galleria.

Lancaster has one of the richest concentrations of buildings, commercial and residential, of significant architectural value in Erie County, and has been officially recognized as an historic district. Central Avenue, the business core of the village and home to many amenities, has been rehabilitated with new cobblestone sidewalks, historic lighting, landscaping and seating areas. It was awarded First Place for its Main Street by the NYS Conference of Mayors in 2004.

    Okonczak Garden
  • The Garden of Chester Okonczak :
    38 Brentwood Dr., Cheektowaga 14227

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    Just 5 minutes away from our Lancaster gardens, be sure to visit Chet’s ever-flowering labor of love: a 60x60 ft. backyard, with a pond, deck and pergola, that’s packed with flowers: six abundant and varied perennial beds, fifteen roses, and grape vines climbing a swing and fence. This is the SE corner of Cheektowaga, a mile from Lancaster, Elma or West Seneca. One passionate and dedicated gardener looks forward to meeting you—come sit on the swing!

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    Curtis Garden
  • The Garden of Julie and Dan Curtis:
    732 Aurora Street, Lancaster, NY 14086

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    Between William and Clinton streets, on the south edge of town, sits Julie and Dan Curtis’ residentially owned business, Two Chicks And A Rooster. On our one acre piece of paradise you will find why we love to vacation in the yard! Sixteen years of self-created and maintained landscape with creative design and pieces added every year-some we make, some we recycle. We find new homes for old stuff and believe something can be planted in just about anything. The gift shop is open and you’ll get to see the Rooster’s Workshop! Take a peaceful and pleasant stroll while you see the beauty in our garden. Enjoy!

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    Krebs Garden
  • The Garden of Ron & Kathleen Krebs:
    127 S. Irwinwood Road, Lancaster, NY 14086

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    Your trash is our treasure! We love to add interest to our garden with discarded items at the curb. Many an orphan tree or shrub finds a home here. Perennials, annuals, shade and water features all add to our garden. We fill nooks and crannies with old tree logs and add native plants and trees to help with our natural theme.

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    Hageman Garden
  • The Garden of Cliff & Debbie Hageman:
    73 Grant Street, Lancaster, NY 14086

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    We love to garden together. People stop by everyday to ask questions and comment on the beauty of our garden. We have a color and a flower for every season. The colors change from month to month from yellow to pink and orange to purple. Every week it is a new show of color displays in our garden. Nestled between our flowers you will find an English bench, arbors, a pergola, brick pathways to guide you, along with several flowing fountains and a garden shed. We have many different types of perennials, shrubs, trees, and a vegetable garden. We love gardening and have been displaying our garden in the Lancaster Garden Walk since 2004. Our garden was also showcased in the Buffalo Niagara Gardening Online Magazine in 2010.

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    Groblewski Garden
  • The Garden of Rich and Lucy Groblewski: 14 Lombardy Street, Lancaster, NY 14086
    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    East meets West in this most unusual garden. The front yard is western style with foundation plantings and several flowering beds, and the backyard continues that way with a brick patio, fire pit, artistic features and many unique plants. Then be prepared to be amazed when you cross the stone bridge to find a Japanese-style tea garden complete with koi pond. The very hidden nature of this private garden reflects an important characteristic of Japanese garden style–secret surprises hidden just beyond what is visible. This completely enclosed, private setting is adorned with cultural artifacts that the owners have collected, and offers a soothing, serene and mysterious atmosphere you must experience. The Japanese garden is a tradition that expresses the harmony of the earth’s parts, the oneness of all life, and respect and reverence for nature. Rich and Lucy welcome you to embrace it.

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    Deutchlander Garden
  • The Garden of Robert & Karen Deutschlander:
    36 Stephens Court, Lancaster, NY 14086

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    The Deutschlanders welcome you to an eclectic, suburban ranch with a front landscape of flowers and pots. Follow the stamped concrete around the side and enjoy the miniature village. From the patio, you can view the entire garden, from the land-locked woods filled with perennials to collections of annuals, baskets and more miniature gardens. Enjoy the theme garden that changes every year, along with your chance to make a hole-in-one on the golf course. We have lots of garden art throughout the yard, and look forward to sharing the joy, whimsy and beauty. Wheelchair friendly and dog friendly garden.

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    Dean Garden
  • NEW! Beachfront Paradise Gardens The Garden of Mark & Patti Dean:
    284 Pavement Road, Lancaster, 14086

    Open Hours: Thursdays, 6-9

    Beachfront Paradise Gardens sits on beautiful Lorall Lake, a small 14 acre lake surrounded by a sandy beach. The backyard is the jewel of our home with a large koi pond, cascading waterfall and stepping stones that seem to be floating on the water and a smaller pond with a lazy stream. The ponds contain water lilies, water hyacinth,lotus flowers and other aquatic plants and several koi. The backyard also has a fairy garden, a variety of flowers, trees, several decorative ornaments, including a few Japanese pieces and lots of large and small rocks. Everywhere you look, you will see something colorful and new. The front yard of our home is blooming with flowers, ornamental grasses, Japanese Maples and other trees. On the left side of the house is a flagstone pathway to the backyard, which will take you past a miniature garden, more flowers and shrubs. Please be aware that our home is built on a hill, and while the front yard is flat, our backyard is on a downward slope. Parking: The lot next door to our home is vacant and people can park there or in the bike path parking area next to the Heritage Bike Trail, which is on the other side of our home.

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