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National Garden Festival
Garden Art Sale The National Garden Festival (NGF) committee is organizing this uniquely Buffalo Garden Art Sale as a kickoff to its five weeks of garden programming including all area garden tours, Open Gardens throughout Buffalo Niagara on Thursdays and Fridays, Friday garden-themed bus tours, speakers, workshops, seminars and the complete makeover of a public space by professional landscapers in the NGF LEAF a Legacy project. The Garden Art Sale is a fundraiser for the National Garden Festival.

• $10 Application Fee
• $50 booth fee
• 10% of sales
Deadline for applications is March 31, 2014

Download the application here, fill out completely, and mail by March 31, 2014.

Built-in audiences!

The sale takes place Sunday, June 29, 2014, during and in the footprint of, the Parkside Garden Tour, a wonderful tour of 60+ gardens in a beautiful Buffalo neighborhood, assuring thousands of garden fans will be in the area.


But wait! There’s more! Informational booths by area non-profit garden societies will also be on hand to answer gardeners’ questions on “Plant Society Avenue.”

Promotion–the power of partners...

Promotion of the Garden Art Sale will be done primarily through the members and audiences of the National Garden Festival partners, which include the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Garden, PLANT WNY, Garden Walk Buffalo, Visit Buffalo Niagara, the WNY Hosta Society, Buffalo in Bloom, Eighth District Federated Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension, Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo, AAA of Central and Western New York, and more.


Backed by the NFG-launch-weekend marketing efforts of Visit Buffalo Niagara, promotion will include press announcements, posters, flyers, public promotional banners, and a social media campaign.


If you have any questions, please contact Garden Art Sale coordinator Barbara Maze at barbaramaze88 (at) yahoo.com. Application deadline is March 31.


Last year's vendors included:

Alice Brierley
Hypertufa leaves & garden statues


Buffalo Tree House
Custom wooden sculptures


Ann Campbell
Garden flags, handpainted vases, goblets

Kenia Yanira Ciraulo
Jewelry sea glass / silver

Carol Conwall
Graphic art -eclectic genre of flora,fauna, paper art


Barbara Crocker
Digital art photos of flowers / gardens

Lorraine Cummings
Concrete leaves, toadstool & garden statutes

David Cyr
Handcrafted items of copper & glass

Paula d'Amico
Baskets & sachets made with fresh herbs

Dave Davis-Queen City Nursery
Cast stone garden statuary

Ron DeFazio
Air Plants on grapevines, sea shells & crystals

Experienced Bricks
Architectural reclaim pieces


Bonnie Finkbeiner
butterfly houses, river rock vases, leaf castings, bird feeders

Deborah Florian
Original designs, wired vases, glass terrariums

Debi Gravell
Handmade 3-D fowers on pots, Garden signs & clay figuerines

Cynthia Harter
Flowers made with vintage glassware


Heart of Franklinville
Concrete garden statuary


Michelle Hoff
Stained glass mosaic vases, pots, suncatchers

Jesse Horst

Kathleen Kosel
Steel sculptures, planters, tables, benches, orbs


Barbara Krouse
Garden plaques called 'poem stones" & garden sculptures


Robin Lenhard
Handcrafted soaps & bath products

Garden related items - paintings, pins, cards

Regina Rexford
Handmade raku pottery

Eta Rottenberg
Hand designed prints featuring Buffalo Tree- all four seasons

Purple Chair-ity
Hand painted/decorated chairs with flower pots in seats


Pat Sadler
Bird houses hanging planters, unique garden accents


Sasmita Batik Indonesia
Nature themed, wood, palm tree, carvings, jewelry, batik art


Stained Glass & Mosaics
Stained glass, mosaic vases, pots, suncatchers


Deborah Stewart
Flower pots/containers, garden sculpture

Nancy Thayer


Urban Roots Community Garden Center
Handblown glass rticles & metal standing & wall art


Michael R. Weishan
Photography animals / flowers

Heather Whitney
Reconditioned hand painted glass items

Mark Witol
Metal garden art


Tom Zachman
Fused glass with steel, wood, copper

“There are Japanese, English and Russian gardens, and what I would call Buffalo gardens–eclectic, funky mixes in which found objects and exotic-looking rooftops figure prominently.”
-Andrew Sprung, of The Atlantic.com’s Daily Dish

In Buffalo, you’ll find small urban gardens that pack a big punch–including cheerfully brash juxtapositions of colorful perennials and unique annuals, minimal or no lawns, and creative uses of found objects and architectural artifacts as sculpture. A Buffalo-style garden will have the patina of a well-used, customized space, often with complete disregard for garden design conventions. Buffalo gardeners take advantage of the sides of houses and fences by hanging artwork, sculptures, grates, mirrors, plants and more–incorporating the impressive and diverse architecture found throughout every neighborhood.
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